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Dear Ines Hello,Ines!

I have posted up Riyo’s blog, but my comment and her entry were removed. She wrote about suicide and I commented the entry.I know,my comment was too personally for her blog and it was not proper her entry. But I feel sorry she make no excuse for erasing my comment. Even if my comment had a trouble, I wanted her excuse. Have you removed her entry and my comment? And are you going to erase Suga’s comment? If this was the case, you will disappoint me.

Well, Riyo is a very beautiful girl! I think she is amazing too. But the way I read her blog, she is still immature. Her opinion about suicide was a too childish. Of course, she is still young and cannot help her doing that. So please teach her many things and make her to be Miss Universe!! I think that she need more intelligence. I hope that she has a keen awareness of the problem. Because she is MUJ 2007!! And I want to cheer Riyo and you!!

Please do your best!! Good luck

posted by hana 2007-03-22 15:43:35


Dear Hana, I

 have not seen Riyo’s post about suicide, also I do not know what she wrote about it and neither your comment. I am sure something happened and I will ask Riyo personally.

As you wrote, Riyo is still very young and maybe she felt that this is actually a topic which is very serious. How can you talk or describe feeling with accuracy when you are a young girl who never experience the desire to stop your life? I am not sure about the situation and again I will check and surely come back to you or even better Riyo personally.

Kurara, Riyo and my blogs are all open to comments even if they hurt. You can remember how much Kurara was batched after her success at Miss Universe. She was really mad when one of my staff deleted the bad comments from her blog. She wants people to be able to reach her in any way, good or bad. She wants to feel that people can communicate with her directly. Too many icons or celebrities in Japan are untouchable. If you check any celeb’s blog you will never find a way to post a comment. We feel that this is wrong, communication has to be both way. Kurara and Riyo wishes to have a direct contact with people and their fans, and I am very proud of it.

Hana, I would like to help or talk about suicide with you if you want. My best friend when I was 22 killed herself, and she died in front of my eyes. Also I can tell you best how devastated people left behind feel that is for sure.

When my little son was injured after receiving a vaccine, and could not even recognize me, I thought about suicide, but instead I decided to fight for him and to bring him back. Now he knows me, loves me, and he is on his way to complete recovery, but I worked day and night on the side of my business to “repair” him.

In each of us there is an incredible amount of love and energy that can surpass the desire of death. In my case it was even harder because I do not believe in God, also I had zero emotional relieve. I would like to share this video with you Hana, this has been my journey with my son Luca, in a different way but emotionally the same. Celebration of love and LIFE against temptation of death, I hope it will inspire you.


With my warmest wishes and regards to you Hana,


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