Miss Universe 2012 – Preliminary Competition

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Miss Universe 2012 – Preliminary Competition

It is raining in Singapore…. middle of the day. I am receiving zillion messages asking me who I like from the Preliminary Competition. Also I watched the show and I chose my favorites based on overall beauty and stage presence.


They are:

Albania, Australia, Colombia, ECUADOR, EL SALVADOR, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, MEXICO, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, usa, VENEZUELA.


Mexico is out of this world beautiful, total perfection. She is my winner if she has the personality and can expressed herself intelligently the night of the final.

Leila Lopez….. What a stunner but so boring woman. OMG! Embarrassing!
Even when the interpreter asked her about her reign, she clearly made it sound like it was a torture. It can be 2 reasons: or she is really honest which I would highly appreciate because to be Miss Universe is obviously the most boring job in the world. Or she is clearly clueless to give a reply as she did. Paula must have been really upset deep inside. Well, maybe they should have prepared her a little better. They had more than time to do it, 6 extra months this year.
Watch the full show here:

I was impressed with Japan, beautiful catwalk, face and body. She really shines on stage.
Philippines has the best catwalk, very elegant.
India is very pretty and dynamic, great surprise.
I met Malaysia at the very beginning before she win, I was a preliminary judge for the TV show, and I can tell that she has improved so much. Some people say that she changed something in her face, but she absolutely did not. I did not like her gown catwalk, too bad. But she was great in her swimsuit walk.
Thailand has a beautiful face but she does not shine on stage.
Korea’s chin never ends, why did she do that?
Singapore, hum I don’t understand why she was chosen…???
Indonesia is really beautiful but she is not fit. Her legs are way too big. It’s too bad.
Sri Lanka is pretty but a bit too weak on stage.
Australia is pretty but not outstanding. There are many girls like her in Australia. But she looked athletic, fresh and friendly also I included her in my list.
China, old fashion Chinese beauty. Nothing special unfortunately. There are so many stunners in China, why choosing this girl, when you have million to choose from?


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